Stop guessing how you caught that last lunker and start loggin' it!

If you fish as much as we do, it can be hard to keep track of the details. Now you can log everything about the fish you catch and more. Lures, Lunkers & Lies is a compact Daily Fishin' Log so you can easily enter important details about your catch like lure/bait type, water temp, depth caught, barometric pressure, moon phase and much, much more.

These handy logs work for lake, pond & river fishing and also work great for ice fishing. Make sure to get one for your fishin' buddy so you can compare notes and catch your limit even faster. Well, maybe just get a second one for yourself and don't share a thing. It's up to you.

Lures, Lunkers & Lies - Daily Fishin' Log fits neatly in your back pocket, shirt pocket, glove box or tackle box.Even if you currently use software to track your fishing trips, who takes a laptop to the lake. Simply enter the information from your trip into your Lures, Lunkers & Lies Log and transfer it to your software when you get home.

Available in three cool styles: Bass, Muskie and Catfish!