Everyone has a particular species of fish they go after. That's why we've created a variety of attractive covers for the Lure, Lunkers & Lies - Daily Fishin' Log. These covers are water-repellant and have rounded corners to easily slide into any pocket. Order one of each style and SAVE or order 3 of the same and SAVE. Either way, you'll be able to track your favorite fish and favorite fishin' hole or river. Each style includes the same entry & reference pages to let you accuratley log your fishin' trip.

Many folks have actually bought more than one for different fishin' holes. Good idea! Others have bought a 3-pack and have given one to family and one to a fishin' buddy. Again, another good idea. Whatever your preference is, we know you'll get plenty of use on your next fishin' trip.

OK already. We know that there are some of you saying, HEY, where are the covers for Walleye, or Crappie, or Salmon, or Trout. Well, we are taking a poll. Below is a form you can fill out and submit with your first, second and third choices for our next cover. We will tally all entries and release the most requested species later in 2008. Remember, the contents will still be the same but the outer cover will have a new design. Until then, as always, good luck and happy fishin'!

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Second Choice
Third Choice
Pick Our NEW Cover
In late Spring of 2008, we'll be releasing a new cover and want your input.
Vote below to pick your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. If you don't see a particular species, send us an e-mail.

New Cover Votes as of May 10, 2008