We enjoy hearing about how useful our daily fishin' logs are. If you have a story to tell, drop us a line and we'll get it posted. You can send your story by e-mail or regular mail.

"I'm glad my Dad got me a log. It helps me remember how I caught my fish. I hope I fill it up quick"
Anthony - Washington
"Got my log at the beginning of ice fishing and started tracking my catches. Once I dialed in on what they were biting on, I quickly filled up 2 pages by the end of the weekend. This is a great little book."
Daniel - Montana
"My son gave me one of your logs last fall as a gift. I didn't think I'd use it but after a few fishing trips I started keeping track. Now I keep it in my tackle box and write down every fish. I'm not getting any younger so this really does help."
Jonathan - Arizona